This is what folk music was like in the old days. Just singing and picking your way through songs you love. Discredited these days where everything has to have a greater purpose, but there is something oddly affecting about this CD.

Maybe it’s because I remember listening to lots of those songs on the old steam radio in the kitchen, back when I was a nipper. Perhaps it’s because I hate hearing classic songs being despoiled by everyman and his songbook.

You’ll know most of these songs, and you probably like most of them, deep down, but let your sense of cool get in the way. Well don’t. It’s silly. Instead let “City of New Orleans”, “Mr. Bojangles”, “Rocky Mountain High” and “11. Trying To Get To Heaven Before They Close the Door” wash over you.

If there is one fault, it’s that a lot of the arrangements are similar, but you can forgive that when you read the liner notes, and realise what a labour of love this is.
-Zeitgeist–The Rocker

In addition to the wealth of singer/songwriters found in our acoustic music community, we are also blessed with some fine interpreters (Karl Burke comes to mind). An addition to the latter group is Bob Louisell. His CD “From Across The Years” is a collection of songs by well known writers such as Bob Dylan, John Prine, Garnet Rogers and Michael Smith. Each song was chosen for its personal significance. Bob is joined by daughter Sarah Louisell on harmony vocals and John Roth on guitar.
-Wendy V’s Local Blend

i nicked this copy becuase i am radio station manager and listerned to it.
when a song starts and grabs me by the bollocks that means the song is going to be on our playlist.
this cd is going to be on our play list

I do not want to offend bob but this a male version of eva grahem,
i would reccomend him bombarding bbc radio2 here in the uk and also radio caroline with cd’s ,
bob we had a singer here inthe uk called Ralph Mc Tell and he used the same techinque in his singinging as you have to bring a message home
the cd was brillant and boy i had lousey today and it cheared me up

This collection of folk songs will introduce listeners to some hidden gems.

Genuine folks in music are sometimes as difficult to find as genuine music. That’s why I’m proud to hold in my hand one damn find album compiled by one genuine guy, Bob Louisell. Comprised of a wild eclectic mix of folk music ranging from traditional folk to 60’s/70’s folk pop to even Irish and Scottish folk tunes. “Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door” by Bob Dylan is covered with a nod to the great songwriter that he’d be proud of. Bob employs his daughter Sarah to join him in vocals and it’s amazing how well they harmonize together. Not often will you find a cover album of this variety so when you do you have to hold it close for the vulture of CD borrowers may not give it back!